Al Halabi Refrigeration & Kitchen Equipment


Al Halabi Refrigeration & Kitchen Equipment

Al-Halabi Refrigeration Kitchen Equipment LLC is a pioneering company that designs, manufactures, installs and maintains kitchen equipment for discerning hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, fast food chains, palaces, hospitals, cafeterias and bakeries.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of kitchen equipment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Oman Bahrain, Al-Halabi prides itself on its ability to offer a truly personal service; and personal service at Al-Halabi is about the entire customer experience, from the initial meeting through to developing imaginative solutions about getting below the surface of the challenge listening, learning, assessing and refining, and then tailoring each product to suit individual customer requirements.

Address: Jamal AbdulNaser Street - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates




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