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Beyond Smiles | Click & Win

Date: 14 March - 14 April 2018

Category: My Travel,My Entertainment

Venue : Hadi Express Exchange

What was the Happiest Moment in your Life? 

Looking back, when were you breathtakingly happy? What were the elements that made you happy? Perhaps your fondest memories are of your own accomplishments Or, maybe you remember a time when you fell in love Or, perhaps you remember the first smile on your child’s face. Share with us those moments in your life and win an exciting prize.

It's your time to be heard. This is the time to let the world know the ones who bring happiness into your life...

Simply upload a photo of your Happiest Moment.

Enter your name and email address.

Write the reason why it's your happiest moment.

Email : digitalmarketing@mysearchglobal.com

FB : https://www.facebook.com/HadiExpressExhange

The result will be announced via social media on April 18th 

First Price: Carrefour Gift Voucher

Second Price: Movie Vouchers

Third Price: 2 Transaction free in Hadi Express Exchange