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Safe Childhood

Date: 01 Nov – 22 Nov 2017
Category: Community, Sports

Safe Childhood

Out of the Family Development Foundation’s vision of (sustainable social development for an aware family and a coherent society), and according to the higher strategic outcomes that aim to contribute to preparing an aware generation of youth who are proud of their national identity, in addition to working on decreasing the negative behaviors through programmes of different stages of growth from the psychological, physical, mental and social aspects, a programme has been designed for the children’s category. 

The programme has been designed in order to spread knowledge and awareness besides enabling them to protect themselves against abuse and modern technologies. This can be achieved via implementing interactive activities by using tools and methodologies that go in line with the developmental characteristics of the child in order to convey the necessary knowledge and skills to the children.
The programme consists of awareness workshops for the children that are implemented at schools of Abu Dhabi Education Council for an hour each, in addition to awareness lectures for parents .